Types of Ghost Pictures

An overview of the different types of ghost pictures one may encounter...

There are different types of ghost pictures when one examines various captures of unexplainable anomalies, suggesting that ghosts may appear in different forms within ghost photos. Why this is could be due to several reasons such as:

  • Ghosts may appear differently based upon their inner condition, or
  • Ghosts may manifest within different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, or
  • Ghosts may actually be different spirits (e.g. an animal spirit, human spirit, a non-entity spirit energy, etc.)

The following are different examples of how it is believed ghosts may appear in photographs...

The following are generally considered to be different types of ghost or spirit manifestations found within ghost photographs:

  • Apparitions - Human or animal forms that are see-through manifestations very similar to their former physical appearances
  • Shadows - Black mists and animal or human-shaped forms that may float or move about intelligently
  • Mists - Vaporous materializations that may be white, gray or dark, oftentimes, producing distinct vapor trail patterns unlike non-paranormal mists - also known as "ectoplasm"
  • Vortex - Some believe that spiraling mists could be an opening in the veil between worlds - an indicator of high-energy
  • Energy - Unexplained light anomalies that cannot be attributed to camera flash, refelctions or known light sources
  • Orbs - Ghost lights or "balls of light" that may be an indicator of a spirit but only if it emits its own light and is not a product light reflection off of minscule particulate. Some light-emitting orbs have been proven to be plasma or swamp gas.