Animal Ghost Pictures

Animal Ghost Picture: CreatureAnimals are spirit, too, like human beings. Review the following ghost photos, evidence of possible animal ghost sightings.

Animal ghost photographs could be superb evidence of the spiritual manifestation of animals within our physical world.

Animals can appear as ghosts and be captured in pictures, though many pet owners typically remain unaware of their pet's presence after the animal (usually a cat or dog) passes.

Animal Ghost Picture: Dog Face

Can Animals Be Ghosts?
Animals in ghost pictures? Yes. Contrary to the false belief that animals do not have souls (that they are worth less than human kind - a teaching of some religions), we are of the opinion that animals do have spirits; and just like human beings, creatures, pets and non-pets, can be found within pictures as ghosts or spirits.

Often, after the death of an animal's physical body, it will remain around its human and animal friends for a time; and then, often, move on. Upon a pet's passing, one should look for signs of the animal being around, such as noises and sounds associated with the pet, as well as a visible presence or even imprint upon where the animal formerly slept (e.g. a depression of the pet's body forming on a bed).

Pet GhostAfter a beloved pet expires, it is a great time to take pictures. Oftentimes, abnormalities such as whisps of spirit, orbs, shadows, and even apparitions of the animal may possibly appear in photos. Ghost hunters, photographs should also be taken around animals and pets because they may be visited by the recently departed furry friend.

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