Ghost Dogs

Jane Neill-Hancock sent us more pictures from the same haunted mansion. Are these ghost dogs?

"(One of the two) photos is from the library of the house. When I first opened the photo, I knew there was stuff there. I am sure there is more than I see – but the ghost dogs were so clear to me I could not believe it. (The other picture) is of the front of the house. When I first looked at it I thought there would be no way you could see anything in the door since the reflection on it is too bright. However as I zoomed in, I saw that against the door, very different in color and NOT reflecting the light was a dog face. Since I had seen the ghost dogs in the other room of the house, this did not surprise me. I think one of the ghost dogs is looking out at the photographer."

Is this the ghost of a dog (and other dogs) in the library of this old home? The image is striking, especially when compared with the ghost dog found in the glass reflection of the front door.