Ghost Dog Photo

Christine sent us this awesome ghost dog photo that she calls, "Doggie in the Window"! The ghost photo of her dog was taken in northeastern Wisconsin:

"I have psychic abilities. I usually get photos with orbs, vortexes, and have also gotten three photos with apparitions. This is the first one of an animal. What makes this one special to me is that it is my own dog. Xena passed away in July of 2008. She was a mix but looked like a Golden Retriever, a little more reddish in color though. This photo was taken on Christmas eve 2010, at the home of my in-laws, by my adult son. The story started a few hours earlier at my home. Xena made her presence known to me by letting me 'see' her laying in the dining room (her favorite spot actually). I walked out of the bathroom and asked my husband if he could feel her in the house. I was overcome with the emotions I had on the day she had died and started to cry. This is the first 'visit' from her I have had. She got up off the floor and walked through the kitchen and down the hall to me. I 'saw' her push her body against my leg at the same time I could physically feel the 'goosebump feeling' I get when spirits touch me. I felt her tell me it was going to be alright. Then, she was gone. After I discovered her in the window, I told my son about it. He had arrived at the house before us that night. Just prior to my husband and I arriving, my son heard noises on the deck, loud enough that several people got up to look out to see if anyone was out there. No one was there, and no footprints were in the snow. The patio window Xena is in (in the photo) looks onto that same deck. She followed us to grandma's for Christmas. It makes sense to me after thinking about why she was outside looking in. She wasn't allowed in my in-laws house when she was alive, so she still obeyed and stayed out on the deck. She was a really cool dog and everyone liked her. She gave me a great gift this Christmas, a personal visit and a picture to remember it by. To those of you out there who question and doubt: Seeing is not believing...believing is seeing!"