Animal Ghost Pictures: Westie

Karen sent us this ghost picture of her animal - a dog (the breed is called a "Westie"). We found an image of a Westie for comparison. Do you see the dog's face in the picture?

"This was taken after we lost, Muffy, our little white Westie. We were looking to purchase this horse trailer and I always ask for a sign, but never dreamed it would be the face of our little pet we lost. I showed this to our friends, but never told them what we saw (just to see if they could see it without our putting any ideas in their head). They all said it looked like 'Muffy' and how sweet that was to have him show up in a photo. This is untouched; just a little photo taken with a Kodak camera. It was only visible after it was downloaded. I know what we feel is in that photo, but there are many doubting Thomas' out there;that really doesn't matter to us, as we know what we have in that photo. Oh, we did purchase that horse trailer after seeing that little face."

Can you see the dog's face in the hazy patch on the red horsetrailer door? Often, our pets will hang around their owners for a while after passing.