Ghost Videos

Ghosts captured in video, movie and theatre...

Enjoy our collection of ghost videos. Some clips contain what may be real footage from cases of haunting, containing interesting sightings of apparitions, shadows, balls of light, etc. Other videos are documentary-type stories about experiences with ghosts, or informational how-to topics related to ghost hunting and investigation.

When we make our own ghost videos for instruction or have submission of raw video files, we post them on our YouTube Channel: Angels & Ghosts' Videos.

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Ghost videos have become very popular in the mid-2000s with the rise of videos sites, such as YouTube, and digital recording devices that allow almost anyone to film ghost activity. For years, we would search for intriguing ghost videos to post in our ghost videos section of the website. Our collection of clips, now, is pretty much an archive listing, stemming from this period.

Ghost Videos: The Difficulty

Ghosts in videos are difficult to capture, but today, more than ever, there are many ghost investigators recording video. So, occasionally, a really good ghost video surfaces with a full-bodied ghost apparition or other type of unexplainable anomaly appearing in the video clip.

Because so many have video cameras on their person, and because the software to edit videos has improved and gotten into the layman's hands, it's becoming quite difficult to determine which ghost video is real and which one is just a good fake. Still, the best proof of the existence of ghosts might be found within videos. However, video tricks are easy to create with some available software and a little know-how. So as you watch ghost videos on the net, remember, you must decide for yourself.

Ghosts in Movies and Film
As it is nearly impossible to completely tell a good fabrication from a real ghost in videos that we see today, we thought it good to also talk about ghosts in movies and stage. Afterall, before real ghost videos existed, theatre ghosts and ghost movies first caught our attention. Tricks abound for creating ghosts that entertain an unsuspecting mind. And movies that have ghosts are popular entertainment. See our Top Ten Best Ghost Movies and visit our List of Ghost Movies.

Ghosts in Theatre
Before ghosts were ever able to be seen in movies and videos, they were seen in stage plays - theater. Some of the ghost effects developed for plays became rather elaborate for their day. The most famous of these effects is known as Pepper's Ghost. Using a mirror hidden to the audience, a fantastic looking, see-through ghost can be produced on stage for a theatrical spectacular. To learn more about this and the rise of specters on stage, visit our page: Theatre Ghosts.Take a peek at the Theatre Ghost Picture.