Ghost Light Flash

Ghost video of a light flash in the dark, recorded with a night vision camcorder.

Was this 'pop of light' from a spirit that was in the room? Could the light have come from a ghost transitioning to another plane?

The ghost light flash was recorded at Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, California by Jay's team of G.R.I.T and the L.I.P.S. team (Danny, Kim - sent to us by Kathy Owen).

"I looked at all options, trying to debunk this video, thinking it might be a flash from a camera. But if that were the case, you'd see the whole room light up. You would even see a flash in the reflection of the mirror that's on the wall. There is nothing...nothing at all. The crew had set up the video cameras and left to investigate other buildings on the site. The Burlando/Apalatea House 'IS' the most haunted building on the location."

"In the video, you'll see right in front of the screen, a bright flash appear. It's not a camera flash nor headlights or flashlight. Reason being...there is a mirror straight ahead, off just to the left of the picture. If it were a camera flash or flashlight, that mirror would also light up. So would the window on the right. But it shows right in the middle between the mirror and! (The ghost flash) appears 5 seconds into the video." - Kathy