Glowing Eyed Girl Ghost Video

A glowing eyed ghost girl is seen in a Mexican cemetery...spooky. And two guys decide to walk up to her at night despite their gut telling them they should not do so. This has also been accused of being staged or faked - most likely true. But still, it is great fun to watch!

The following translation of the girl ghost video was sent in by Marina Jimenez:

"I dont know if I am imagining in it, or I see a girl up there. (to self) Don't be stupid...what is this?!"

"It can't be -- it’s a little girl and its's 1:30am. She's crying."

"Hey girl, what's your name?" (repeats question) (ghost girl turns head)

"OMG" :runs: (guy starts yelling for friends) "Lalo, Edgar!"

"There's something there…(he mumbles)...please!"