Hotel Room Ghost Video

This video was recorded in a Comfort Inn hotel room after the shower turned on and off. It shows a white streak that emerges quickly, then fades slowly. Is it an indicator of a wisp of spirit, a ghost presence in the room with the guests?

"I was in my hotel room with my girl...when the tub, then the shower turned on, then off." - Daybi

"About 3 minutes prior to that (the video), the bath turned on and then the shower came on. I was jokingly trying to capture an EVP because me and my girl were like, 'What if it was a ghost?' So I jokingly pulled it out (the video camera) like the TV (ghost hunting) shows and was trying to capture a voice. I didn't realize, until a few views later, there was a flash.

The hotel was in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, room 204, at the Comfort Inn. We were there on the night of March 6th, 2015, and the running water woke us up at around 10 a.m." - Daybi

Thoughts About the Video

The streak is more noticeable once slowed down, but it still has an odd, slow fade away. We feel the video is genuine - not altered, but we cannot determine the cause of the whitish smear that appears, then disappears, while Daybi was recording video in the hotel room.

Is this a video artifact produced by the iPhone a malfunction perhaps? Or did an unseen energy from a ghost become detected by its camera?