Real Ghost Photos & Famous Ghost Pictures

Loaded with pictures of ghosts for your enjoyment, welcome to our library of real ghost pictures. Explore famous ghost photos and galleries of real and some of the best ghost pics we've collected over the past 10 years.

As part of our collection, we've provided reference photographs that show what the spirits of people and animals may look like when photographed - including what are not ghost photos. We've also included informational articles that convey some of the history behind photography of spirits and ghosts, helpful tips, how-tos and more.

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Famous Ghost Pictures Gallery
Review famous individual ghost photographs that have become popular on the Internet and in publications. Famous photos of ghosts have been taken with both film and digital photography, spanning a wide era of about 100 years. View Famous Ghost Pictures.

Best Ghost Photos Collection
We've sorted through thousands of ghost pictures and selected some of the best of the bunch! View ghostly mists, shadows, light phenomenon and apparition photographs!

Ghost Pictures Vault & Archives
Dig into the past and find pages and pages of submissions of ghost photos we have received from our viewers. See both the Ghost Pictures Archive and Ghost Pictures Collection.

Fake & False Ghost Pictures
Learn about naturally occuring phenomena and scientific explanations as well as how outright fakes are created by tricksters in our Fake Ghost Pictures section.