2011 Pictures of Ghosts

Our collection of some of the best ghost pictures submitted to us back in 2011...

As our quest for proof of ghosts continues, the subsequent ghost pictures could be solid indication that we are not alone. Some of the ghost pictures are truly incredible, while others are head-scratchers or, at least, stirring.

Our scrutiny of thousands of ghost photos, EVP, video footage and investigations have lead us to speculate that much more is taking place in an oft unseen expanse that cohabits with our world. For more, please see our 2012 Ghost Pics.

More About Our Ghost Collection in Pictures
Ghost Pictures are sent for our review each month by visitors from around the globe, and this process began back in 2004. Currently, the Angels & Ghosts website has over 4000 pages of information in its collection about ghosts, spirits and haunting.

When we first began, we did not know how to rule out false images from potentially true evidence. So, we posted most everything we had received and allowed viewers to decide for themselves. As time progressed, like some ghost investigators, we began to experiment and learn what can cause many of the things that may appear to be ghosts in photographs but are not.

Even though we no longer post ghost pictures that we know are the product of false anomalies or fabrication, this website still displays all of the older images that we had formerly posted many years ago. It's a collection of our progress to learn more about the spirit world! We have also posted many articles about what we have learned about ghosts in pictures. To find them quickly, please visit our fake ghost pictures page and look for the list of natural ghost photo anomalies.

This page of ghost pictures contains images that have been deemed either authentic or possibly could be the real deal. As we have said for a decade: You decide whether or not these ghost pictures are genuine - proof that ghosts and spirits exist. See more ghosts in our Ghost Picture Archives and Ghost Pictures Vault!