Tombstone Birdcage Theatre

Ghost pictures from Alexia Ritchey:

"I found your website and wanted to submit my ghost picture taken in July of 2011. My family and I were driving through Arizona and are big fans of 'Ghost Adventures.' We saw an episode filmed there and stopped to try and make our own adventure at the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone."

"I brought in a deck of cards - I wanted to shuffle them throughout the building as my husband snapped pictures. We knew something was up when we both independently felt a wave of dizzyness that came and went quickly on a top floor stage area. We finally captured this picture downstairs where a poker game had been famously played for eight years straight. Using a basic Fuji digital camera, my husband first noticed a blue interference line running vertical in the viewfinder during the taking of these pictures. The blue line did not appear anywhere or at anytime since with this camera, and we had never seen it before. After shuffling the cards and asking if anyone wanted to play, I told my husband to take a series of pictures of the mirror you see in the display. I can clearly see a fully formed man in period clothing standing in the center. In the first shot, you can see another tourist to the side in a red shirt and my ghost to his right. The second picture really captured him, and I can see what looks like a top hat and perhaps a badge or flower on his breast pocket. My guess is he is dressed in his funeral garb as there is a hearse on exhibit; and they say the energy from that may have made us dizzy as well."

To examine this ghost photo better, we would really need to see the wall that was reflected in the mirror for comparison. It's certainly possible that pareidolia is taking place in this photo, but we would need a control photograph that does not show the ghost in order to rule it out. What's compelling is that the anomaly does appear to become more defined in the second image which could indicate it is not relying upon the background to form the ghost.

Is this ghost picture evidence of haunting at the Birdcage Theatre ? You decide...