17 Hundred 90 Ghost Picture

"I just pointed the camera through the glass, not even looking through the viewfinder, and ‘click’... While reviewing the images from that night, it was realized there was something in the mirror."

Cory Mitchell, professional photographer
coryographix photography

Cory told us that he was on a ghost tour with Hauntings Tour of Savannah, Georgia when he snapped this ghost photo. As their tour guide was speaking to the group, Cory witnessed the owner and employees leave the building and lock the door. (The inn still shows its guests this ghost picture.) It was after they left the inn that he decided to point his camera through the glass at the interior to capture the quaint table settings. Later, the owner of the 17 Hundred 90 confirmed to Cory (after the woman was found by Cory in the mirror), that no one was in the building at the time the photograph was taken.

We do not believe this to be a staged photo. The 17 Hundred 90 is well known for its haunting by the ghost of Anna who died from jumping out of Room 204's window (you can read about it at Historic Haunted Savannah), and this ghost photo has become the stuff of lore, being shown to people who take ghost tours of this area.

Is the reflection of a woman in the mirror a ghost? You decide...