Red Man Ghost Picture

John sent us this ghost picture and story:

"(Ghost photo) was taken by my daughter on Christmas Eve after I gave her the camera she wanted while I was going thru my divorce. We were at Zilker Park in Austin Texas, looking at the Christmas lights when she took the picture."

"When we looked at the view finder, my daughter asked me who the creepy old man was behind me, and told me he needed to get out of the shot."

The ghost picture of the old man behind John is fascinating. Seriously, it is very cool and looks like Ben Franklin with long hair. However, we think the anomaly of the old man might have been created by the flash setting (such as night mode) which can lengthen the exposure time, coupled with some slight camera movement. Many photographers are not aware that night time flash settings are for tripod-use only and that they can create orange haze, light bars, and multiple people in photographs. If our theory is correct, the hair of the old man was created by the blur of camera moving, and the face looks old because the features are widened similarly. The checked shirt can also be seen on both men.

Still, we think that John's "ghost picture" is a great photo as it had us jumping out of our collective seats, at first - boo! This is why we wanted to share it.

Is this a photo of the ghost of an old man? You decide...