New Mexico Office Ghost

Jeremy sent us this office ghost picture:

"The photo was taken last year in 2011 at a New Mexico office birthday party. My wife had told me of hearing voices coming from within the office, especially near closing time. The voice was that of an older lady that always sounded sweet and nice and was fond of saying hello and humming from time to time."

"Doors would also close from and when they were checked they would be locked. The story goes that an elderly lady went to the restroom a few years back and had an unknown health issue; she died in the restroom and wasn't found until a few hours later. When the photo was taken, the only person in the frame was the person with the face blacked out. Imagine our surprise when we reviewed the photo and saw the apparition. You can see the individual in the foreground has clear definition while the entity in the background is blurry, appears to be moving backward, and is relatively short. It raised a few hairs on our collective necks."

This ghost picture reminds us of a fantastic ghost photo taken by Peter Kanellis that shows a ghost disappearing when captured in a series by way of a trail camera. View Peter's trail camera ghost pictures and compare them to this one from Jeremy.

Does this ghost picture reveal a female ghost at their office? You decide...