Auschwitz Shadows Pictures

"I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp last week and noticed some strange shadows on my pictures. I did some research online and found out that your website has a similar picture, and I also believe the picture hosted on your website has been made in the same barrack my pictures were made. In my case there was glass between the room and myself." - Tom

"But the strange thing about this is that my camera lens was pushed directly against the glass door, and I did not use my flash. To me, there is no logical explanation for these shadows because there is nothing in the room itself that could reflect a human-like 'shadow' like that. The location of the first picture (with the beds and the table with the bowls on it) used to be a kind of officers' room. The second picture with the large 'shadow' used to be the room where male prisoners had to undress before they were executed right outside the same barrack."

We questioned Tom whether or not others standing around him could have cast shadows into the room if a light source was behind them. Tom responded, "I can assure you that there was no light behind me that could have cast a shadow. The picture was taken from my POV in a corridor with no windows; the only windows that could have cast any shadows are placed in the room itself."

Are they ghosts? You decide...