Watch Videos of Angels

Watch videos that purportedly reveal the presence of angelic spirits or stories of encounters with angels in every day life.

Is there such a thing as real video proof of angels? Perhaps there is, but eyewitness accounts of real angel visitation are the most compelling to us.


Angel Encounters Section
You'll want to explore the multiple videos on our Angel Encounters page. These are compelling testimonies from different people who happened upon something beyond any preconceived thinking or greatest imagination. These witnesses were left with the same conclusions: They had unexplainable but convincing visitations with angels.

Almost 80% of the U.S. population believes in angels, the believers primarily being people who have religious convictions. But, there is a percentage who not only believe but know angels exist due to personal experiences. Their stories might just convince you to believe, too!

Some Angel Videos History: 2006
Unbelievable accounts? Too good to be true? Back in 2006, while searching and documenting angels and possible paranormal encounters, we had received several angel videos by e-mail about sightings in Antwerp, Belgium. Some of these angel videos still reside on our website and were part of an angel sighting craze that occurred in Europe at the time. The White Angel Video is one example.

True sightings or just a hoax? Watch and decide for yourself.