Angel Encounters!

Watch and hear real angel encounters as told by the people who saw them!

Angels & Ghosts offers a large collection of angel stories and angel pictures that may be explored, but we thought it might be nice to also offer encounters with angels that could be watched! Hence, in video our gallery, you will find several inspiring videos of angel encounters.

Video 1
Sarah tells her story of an angel encounter at a bus stop after praying for protection. She was in a not-so-good place in town when she needed protection. After praying, Sarah's angel appeared. A fantastic angelic encounter!

Video 2
Linda shares her personal angel encounter at Coney Island. Who was this man?

Video 3
A young girl experiences a miracle healing the same time a bright light is caught on the hospital's video camera.

Human encounters with angels have varied for thousands of years.  Some might encounter an angel that visits them in order to deliver a message, while others may suddenly be helped by a mysterious stranger who vanishes afterward.  Many angel encounters tell of being helped by benevolent spirits or even protected.  Sometimes, accounts of angels communicating with humans can also be found within near death experiences.  It is estimated that at least 50% of NDEs contain an angel or spirit helper.  Even if angels are our own collective, higher consciousness that guides, guards, and protects us, most angel encounters share the same theme: communication.  After all, angels are messengers.

The descriptions of angels can vary, though most describe a bright presence and a feeling of deep peace and love. Sometimes, loving spirit messengers are seen prior to a person's passing, as if to comfort those who are about to transition from this realm to the next. Angel encounters teach us we have nothing to fear. One question to consider: When we see angels, are we seeing them within us or outside of us? This question is an interesting theory that might explain supernatural-like angel encounters.