Ghost Pics: 2012 Gallery from Around the World

Our selection of the top ghost pictures submitted to Angels & Ghosts from around the world during 2012...

The challenge, each year, is to sort through monthly ghost pic submissions, evaluate and determine what makes it on our pages for viewers to see. In 2012, we had quite a few quality photos from which to choose. Our goal of this page, and our other top ghost pics pages, is to provide a batch of promising photographic evidence from the four corners of the earth. Ghost pics found on our site are really the discovery of many different people, something that could never be achieved by one ghost investigative team over a lifetime.

Take a look and study our ghost pics. You may also want to view ourĀ 2011 Ghost Pictures.

Ghost Pics from Around the World and the Collective Journey
A collective spiritual experience - that is what we feel is taking place with all of humanity. Whether we are aware or not, life is teaching us. People are connected, sharing, struggling, enjoying - living life that touches others in some way. It may be positive, it may appear negative. But whatever the case, it is a collective social experience.

Interaction with ghosts and spirits seems natural. If we live on, and we believe we do, then it is plausible that the connection we have with one another continues on beyond what our eyes may see. And that interaction may take place ghost to ghost, ghost to spirit, spirit to spirit, too. The more evidence we examine, such as ghost pics, the more we are affirmed that an interactive communication between bodied and disembodied life is happening. If this is occuring, like we are postulating, then in theory, there is one Spirit - one connection of life energy that is buzzing with activity. So, you might say Angels & Ghosts is an experiment in study about spirits, especially, the human spirit. How vast must that be?!

This theory, this idea, then, begs one question: Where is it all heading? Maybe, if life indeed lives on, if we live on, then our prize to earn is learning. Perhaps, we are to learn about ourselves and each other. Could it be that we need to learn to love ourselves and each other?

Explore on, paranormal adventurer. It may begin with our ghost pics, but if you take time to ponder, you just may begin to dig deeper into the puzzle that is the meaning of life. You'll find more about this idea throughout the Angels & Ghosts website and books.

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