Church Window Ghost

The Old Church On the Hill in Lenox, Massachusetts was recently visited in 2012 by Leo who took some snapshots of the grounds. He would later be surprised to discover a ghost figure standing in the empty church's window.

"I took this picture in April. It was about 1PM on a clear day. I was alone in the cemetery and the church was closed."

"I wanted to get inside for a picture looking out into the cemetery, but the door was locked; and nobody answered the door. The picture was taken in black & white with a red filter for contrast. I didn't see any anomolies in the windows until I was processing the images, days later. I live in the town & have gone back many times, but I've never seen anything (or anyone) in the windows. To my knowledge, there is no history of haunting."

We love this ghost photo. If no one was in the church at the time, the faceless, human form in the window is great evidence that we are looking at a ghost. The lack of clarity is common in apparitions. Sometimes, ghosts may appear with great detail; othertimes, the facial features, fingers, etc are missing. After having gone back to the church several times, we can assume that Leo has not found anything standing in the same window that could be mistaken for a person.

Did Leo capture the photograph of a ghost in the church window? You decide. And if you have any kind thoughts or suggestions about the ghost photo, please write Leo via e-mail at .