Pirate House Ghost Picture

The Pirate House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia has a history of haunting and known to have been frequented by pirates. Rhonda Swindell sent us this amazing ghost picture taken vacation during the summer of 2011:

"If you look closely, over (my son's) shoulder, you will see a black silhouette...the entire time we were there, this area was empty."

"We had just sat down and ordered our drinks. After the drinks arrived, my son decided to play with his 'Pirate Placemat' and we cut out the paper pirate hat, earrings, coins, eye patch, etc. I started taking some pictures of him. In this picture, just over his shoulder is another room in the restaurant. The entire time we were there, this room remained empty, as we were there before the dinner rush. In the picture, just before this one was taken and the picture taken seconds after, this shadow was gone."

When studying the close-up image of the ghost, we included an inset, lightened image to see if we could find any detail. You'll notice details of the table settings are visible, but this figure still remains blacked-out. The figure is a consistent shadow, unlike a person walking into the room would have appeared. There simply is no light reflection from the lights onto the figure. Having seen this phenomenon before, we believe this could be a shadow ghost.

Is this ghost picture, taken at the Pirate House in Savannah, Georgia, a ghost?
You decide...

UPDATE: Alexandra's Photo for Comparison
"I'm not sure how often this site is used, but I visited the Pirate House last year, (October of 2014) with my mom who took a picture of myself, and one of my first legal drink with her. Behind me, there is a strange shadow of a person, and it really creeped me out. I googled "Pirate House ghost" and found the one that was shared with you, and I share the similar story! We went there before the lunch rush, had that whole side of the building to ourselves and there was no one in the rooms other than us!" - Alexandra