Lee Harvey Oswald Ghost?

JJ Bugs from DuckDuckGrayDuck.com sent us this possible ghost picture and story. The photo was taken January 8th, 2011 from the outside of the Texas School Book Depository by his friend. Is it the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

"(The Ghost photo was taken of) the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza while vacationing."

This is a very cool ghost picture that raises questions - no doubt. The sixth floor window in question, where Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have shot President John F. Kennedy, is kept pure from the public by a wall of glass. There is not a mannequin in the window, and most of the boxes appear to be back far enough as to not look like a man in a tshirt, kneeling in front of the window. Looking at the photograph of the inside of the book depository, closer, it does look like something is in front of the lower left side of the window; but it does not look as though it would create the head-shape seen in the first picture. So, the mystery about this ghost picture remains.

Is this a photo of the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald? You decide...