Limerick Ghost Picture

After a market in Limerick, Ireland was broken into after hours in February, 2012, the CCTV footage was examined for burglars. What they found in the two century old milk market were unexplained manifestations of balls of light - misty vapors caught on video. For well over an hour, the mysterious ghost lights appear, move about, in and out of the footage.


The market has 15 cameras for surveillance, and leaders of the town are stumped by what they have observed in the footage.People who have been at the market in Limerick at night have also confirmed the white, moving masses of light. Some have also reported seeing moving shadows, too. Recently, Ghost Hunt Ireland gained permission to spend the night and shoot more footage. Hopefully, they captured more evidence of haunting at the old milk market.

Is the spooky still shot from CCTV video evidence that the location is indeed haunted by ghosts? You decide...