Pier Ghost Picture

Matt Hales was snapping photos of Clevedon Pier in Somerset, England when he believes he captured the vapor of a man standing on the pier. What caught his attention is that the before and after photographs did not have a figure in them; so, where did the man come from? The answer: We are looking at a phenomenal ghost picture taken on the pier that day!


We guess that even ghosts might like to take a stroll down a scenic pier, and we have no doubt that the man might have appeared out of nowhere. But, could he have been sitting down, stood up, looked at the photographer, and sat back down out of sight? The pier was said to be closed, and the camera was set to take photos on 30 second exposures.

The backstory is that early morning fishermen often report seeing ghosts on the pier. Sometimes, they see a man who mumbles to himself, or they might see someone walking or even sitting down. The reports are there. Did the lengthened exposures catch a ghost? We have noticed that lengthened exposures seem to have a penchant for capturing apparitions, even though they can just as easily make someone walking in and out of frame appear "ghostly." We think there is something to leaving the shutter open longer to increase the chance of photographing an apparition - especially if a tripod is used when doing so.

Is this pier haunted by the ghost of a man? You decide...