Newcastle, England Ghost

Vince sent us his interesting ghost picture of a person photographed with a cell phone:

"I had my phone in my hand and accidentally took a picture, as the phone wasn't locked. I checked the phone later and found the pic."

"The other night I was out the back of my house having a smoke. The cat ran out, down the road. When I went to get him, to bring him back inside, I had my phone in my hand and accidently took a picture as the phone wasn't locked. I checked the phone later and found the pic.

It was was obviously dark, but near a street light; it was very cold and dry. It was cloudy, I think. The picture was also taken in the north of England. You can see, on the right hand side of the picture, what looks like legs - but no one was down there, apart from the cat (who's not even in the pic).

Any ideas what it might be? I'm not the biggest believer in ghosts, but I thought I'd send it you guys, anyway."

We do not see any evidence of the photo being tampered with, according to our JPEG Snoop tool. The see-through man in this photograph looks like a classic lengthened exposure. If no one was in the road, then is it possible that a double-exposure, somehow, took place? After lightening the ghost picture, we can see the person looks to be dressed in jeans, a green or brown coat, and blue hat. He is looking back at the camera as if startled.

Did Vince photograph a ghost or is this a lengthened exposure of some sort? You decide...