Creepy Ghost Photos

Anna O. sent us these two creepy ghost photos and short story:

"This 'entity' has been caught in my pictures, time and time again, since I was little. He's never harmed me, but it is kind of scary because I do see him a lot. (The ghost photos) were taken at my mother-in-law's house in Brownsville, Texas.

"This creepy figure is always in my pictures."


At first glance, one might think that this shadow is simply Anna's. But we'd like to creep you out a bit. Look closely. If this were Anna's shadow, you would see the shadow casting across the items in front of it. Strangely, the shadow is very dark and behind the items (look at the red bag on the table or the white object in front of it). No, this shadow is behind everything and is dark enough to block out the gold-framed picture on the wall behind it! And if we look to the right of Anna, we cannot see any light shining from right to left that could cast the image from an object or someone behind her. Creepy ghost photos? You betcha'!

Does Anna have a creepy figure, a ghostly specter, with her all the time? You decide for yourself.