Grandmother's Ghost

Brandy sent us these pictures of what may be evidence of a ghost with her grandmother before she crossed over:

"I'm 27 years old and I personally took these pictures myself. These were taken on the same night with a regular 35 mm camera she owned. It was a nice camera, and I still have it to this day."

"These were taken 6 years ago, which was about a month and a half to maybe 2 months before she unexpectedly passed away. I was very close to her, so when she passed, I remembered the film months after and had them developed. This is what I found. All the other pictures have the cloudiness in them but nothing like this; we do smoke, but that just doesn't seem like smoke to me. At the time of the pictures, she was making me write out these notes to tape on the back of the things so they would go to certain people after she passes away. Its kinda' like she knew; but I never put two and two together. At that time, I was also living with her for about 3 months. I had lots of touble sleeping in her house, which was weird. She was like my second mom: I was very comfortable. I kept having the sense that something was there or an uneasiness, or maybe even a 'wrongness' in the air. She was having lots of mood changes, and I started to experience that too. Keep in mind, I slept on her couch (which was very comfortable); and that's where these pictures were taken and where she passed away."

The misty white object up top doesn't look like cigarette smoke to us, either. You can tell the anomaly move as a whole in front of grandmother's face; but it is not solid, nor is it smoke. The photograph of the face over top of grandmother's does look like a double-exposure (when two photos are taken with the same piece of film - exposed twice), so we asked Brandy if the face looks like her grandmother's:

"You know what's weird is that, no, it doesn't look like my grandma's face; but I have done some examining, and it looks just like her face when she was around 35 years old - not at all (as she looked) for the past 10 years! She was ready to pass probably a year before she actually died. Around the time of the picture, I felt things in the apartment. I have a sense of this but often feel like I have to be going crazy. Not to mention I have always seen weird black balls, etc, since I was young..."

Are these photos of ghosts with Brandy's grandmother? You decide...