Hidden Head Ghost Picture

We've seen some strange pictures over the years but this hidden head ghost picture might take the cake!

"This picture was taken with a throw away camera in 2004. It was taken of my husband because the cat was laying on his head this is the second pic of the cat jumping off; the first pic did not have this face!" - Anonymous

"There is no way anyone was under the couch. nor does it look like anyone we know. My husband's mother shot herself in this house in September, 2009. After her death, we found letters she wrote about being pulled off her bed and seeing the devil. This house sits on a piece of land where many deaths have taken place. I just wanted to share this picture - I've been sitting on it a long time, and I think it's amazing."

Wow - this head has us stymied. It looks too "embodied" to be a ghost, to us, and so, our first thought was a prank. Perhaps, a teen popped his head under the table, before the photograph was snapped, as a joke. But looking closer at the angle of the neck and head, it doesn't appear the body would have room due to the couch. Plus, the sender said no one else was behind the couch and the person is not recognized by them. So, if it is not a hoax, we are just plain stumped because it does not look like an accidental double-exposure. The head is part of this scene in our opinion.

Is this a ghost, a prank or an unexplained camera malfunction? You decide...