Crescent Hotel Child Ghost

Brandie Atwood sent us this ghost picture that was taken in the hallway of the Crescent Hotel:

"My husband and I visited the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in October, 2011. We were walking through the hotel, snapping pictures with a Kodak EasyShare camera."

"When I took the picture, the only thing in the hallway was a laundry cart."

"After uploading it to the computer, I couldn't believe it. It appears to be a child with dark hair and a long white dress, walking away from behind the laundry cart."

This ghost picture really is compelling. Although the figure is not facing the camera or detailed, it sure does look like a child in the hallway. The fact that it is not defined could indicate that it is a ghost; but we cannot rule out something else (something from the cleaning staff such as a sweeper) being left in the hallway the time the photograph was taken. Still, Brandie does not recall anything but the cart there when photographing the hotel.

Is this ghost picture proof that the Crescent Hotel is haunted? You decide.