Ghost Lady & Baby

Adi not only sent us a great ghost picture but a compelling story:

"The woman and baby were not visible when the photos were taken (they are only in one of the photos). I doubt that any of the 5 firemen would have allowed a lady and baby to be so close to a burning house."

"These two photos were taken back to back however I'm not sure which was taken first. These photos were taken by a friend of over 35 years. At the time, maybe 2005, we were working at REI in Sumner, WA. which was a few blocks from this house. I used to pass it every day when I rode my bicycle to work. I know that an old couple lived there for many years and the house became very rundown. I'm not sure what happened to the old couple but the house became vacant and was so for at least a couple of years when the Sumner Fire Dept. decided to do a controlled burn. The day that they did this, my friend took her digital camera and went to watch. She took these two photos and was surprised to see what she caught. The woman and baby seem to be looking in the direction of the firemen who were across the street. And if you look very closely, it appears as though a part of the woman's elbow is see-through."

We've tried to come up with an explanation of what could possibly look like a lady and baby beside the burning house but have come up stymied. We doubt it is smoke as it just doesn't look like other examples of smoke in the photos.

Did Adi's friend capture a ghost lady with child beside the house fire? You decide for yourself...