Victorian Guesthouse Ghost

A Victorian Guesthouse in Cumbria, England may be haunted by a former worker who used to stand at this very window while talking on the phone. Due to be demolished, the old house was photographed by the foreman of the job. Only later was the womanly figure noticed. If you look closely, the apparition appears to be wearing an earring. The son of the woman believes it is his mom.


It is believed that woman ghost is Frances Grimshaw. Her son says she wore earrings, glasses and a dress similar to the ghost photo. He also noted that she loved the guesthouse and may have been making her presence known due to its imminent destruction. The workers verified that the room on the other side of the glass did not have anything in it that could have made the colors or female figure. The inside had been completely gutted prior to the picture being taken.

What intrigues us most about the ghost picture is that the form is semi-complete, as if it were manifesting into the physical plane but not fully defined. Notice the facial details, unlike the clothing, are just not there - sort of spooky but cool.

Is this ghost picture taken at a Victorian guesthouse proof of the afterlife? You decide...