Receding Shadow Ghost

Paul Gasper of Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal sent us a series of three ghost pictures that show a receding shadow ghost on the floor:
"It is very interesting to note how the shadow is one that is cast upon the floor as from someone solid that was not down there in physical form that night, instead of the typical free-form shadow figure!"

"While investigating a house in Germantown, WI, my group captured something pretty unique. There had been some odd things going on in this house, and recently a body was discovered in the woods behind the home. So we were called in to investigate not once, but twice. The second time the owner was in the process of moving out. With all the free space we went into the basement to conduct an experiment in an attempt to conjure up some activity. The body that was found was thought to be that of a man who was on the run from law enforcement for holding women captive and abusing them. I was pretending to be a man like him, 'capturing' and assaulting one of my female investigators. We began hearing strange noises from within the house. When we were done with the experiment, my female investigator (seen behind me in the reflection of the mirror) moved to the wall, and I continued to taunt. We then went upstairs to check out the strange noises.

The investigator that was taking photos in the basement began reviewing his pictures when he noticed the shadow of a figure on the floor beside him. He snaps pictures rather quickly and successively. All of a sudden, in one picture it is there; in the next, it is receding; and in the third, and all following, it is completely gone. If you look at the picture, you'll clearly see myself (standing) and another investigator crouching against the far wall. My female investigator is behind me, but you have to look in the mirror to see her. The only other person was my guy taking the pictures, crouched down against the bar in the basement. No other person was in the house, and we were in pitch black darkness, the only light coming from the IR on our camera and this camera's flash when he took pictures.

We tried to recreate the photograph many times. We found that there needed to be a light source in the room behind the guy taking the pictures (and as you can see in the mirror, the doorway to the room in which I am referencing, there is no light to be seen) and someone would have had to be standing in the doorway itself to cast the shadow you see on the floor (which you can see in the mirror: no one is standing in the doorway). We even crouched down and used different lighting patterns but to no avail. Even though there was no way there was any light coming from anywhere in the back of the basement, and no one else was down there, we had to debunk until we were left with no other alternative but to say our experiment worked! We might have captured the shadow of the man who was found dead in the woods behind the house that night, instead of the typical free-form shadow figure!"

The entire story checks out when examining the series of photographs. We can account for all the people mentioned in the above description. In the first photo, there is no one standing that could have cast the shadow on the floor (look in the mirror to verify it); but yet, there is a shadow that looks like someone is standing. If the camera man had the camera in hand, you can tell he is by the wall at the right. If the shadow had been his, it would have been cast from our right to our left: This shadow looks like it is being cast from someone standing behind him. Also, the camera's flash did not wipe out the shadow on the floor, either, which brings us to one more thing we must mention. Sometimes, if a finger is accidentally but partially placed over the flash unit, it will create a shadow in the photo that the flash will not wipe out. This is unlikely in these photos, however, as the flash unit is mounted on the top of the Nikon D40 (up and away from the camera body) that took this series of photographs, and finger shadows usually don't have a shape that looks like a head and shoulders.

Are these ghost pictures proof a moving shadow ghost? You decide...