Hatley Castle Ghost Picture

Hatley Castle in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia was built in 1908 and has had its share of ghosts sighted in or on its grounds. Recently, in 2012, a ghost tour yielded an interesting ghost picture taken by Jennifer Le Corre.


James and Laura Dunsmuir both suffered tragedy when their son drowned on the ship, the Lusitania. Also, reportedly, a maid used the third story of Hatley Castle to commit suicide. Now, the castle is open to ghost tours. Some wonder if the ghost captured in this photograph is of the maid or Mrs. Dunsmuir. Others remain skeptical.

Looking at the ghost picture from Hatley Castle, we cannot rule out the possibility of a ghost as there is an odd, out of place anomaly at the spot in question. However, we were not able to discern enough detail to determine what, for sure, we are looking at. Also, we would like to see a control photo without the ghostly anomaly for comparison.

Do we have a ghost in the Hatley Castle picture? Study and decide...