Concert Stage Ghost Picture

Recently, we received this stunning photograph taken in front of a stage before a concert. The figure behind the risers appears quite large, much bigger than a normal human body might be.

"This was photographed at my grandson's Spring concert in April (2012). There sure is something there."

- Sheila Bishir

"This was taken at the middle school in Wabash, Indiana. It was my grandson's spring concert for the 5th grade. I was taking pictures before the concert started to see what (settings) to put my camera (at)."

The image of the ghost was not created with a photo-editing program. The form is human in shape, and much bigger than the kids that would be standing on the risers (stage steps) in front of it. In fact, it appears to much larger than an adult man. This leads us to believe it was not the product of lengthened exposure. The legs are clearly behind the steps. Our conclusion? Very cool...sometimes, people report spirit visitors, especially angels, as being much larger than a typical human stature.

Did Sheila capture a ghost, spirit or angel standing on the concert stage? You be the judge...