Real Gnome Picture?

You have to be wondering why we would post a gnome photo. The answer is easy: it's an interesting picture, and who's to say it's not a ghost or little man of some sort who lives in the woods? "This is a picture I took two years ago of a little tree in my backyard. If you look good you will see a gnome.You will find him in the upper left hand side of the small fir tree." - Anonymous


We can't help but like this gnome picture. Is it real? As we mentioned previously, there definitely is an anomaly that looks like a little bearded man in the woods, wearing a pointy cap. The face is the only thing that seems distinguishable. We do not believe it was hoaxed but recognize that it could be a product of anthropomorphizing. We're not even sure if calling this image a gnome would be accurate. But we do feel it is worth a close examination.

Is this a picture of a gnome or maybe a ghost? You conclude...