Stanley Hotel Bell Hop Ghost

Everyone knows that the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is haunted, but the Bateman's question if a bell hop in their photos could be a ghost.

"My family just stayed at The Stanley Hotel and started looking at some pictures. We noticed an elderly gentleman who seemed a bit out of place."

"The first picture you can see him standing in the doorway. If you look around his neck it looks like an old fashioned thick tie not tied yet and some mist in front of him. He is tall and thin and balding. My wife then took a picture 16 seconds later up the stairs, and it seems to be the same elderly man with no bottom-half going up the stairs; and if you look at his hand, it looks very odd. She swears that no one was in the picture when she took it, and never even saw an elderly man. There was a wedding reception going on, but this was before all the guests arrived. You can see the D.J. in the pictures. Could this have been F.O. Stanley?"

Conclusion:As of this writing, the Stanley Hotel has not replied to inquiries of whether or not the elderly bell hop works there. We must admit that the picture of him in the doorway is kind of creepy. It does look to be the same man on the stairs.

Is this bell hop a ghost that haunts the Stanley Hotel? You decide...