TV Ghost Picture?

Donna Sanders sent us her TV ghost picture and story:

"This is the picture that was taken in the morning before my grandson got dressed for school. The big screen TV that appears in the background, mind you, is broken. The picture I can't explain. The man looks like he is leaning over a back seat."

"My daughter and her family bought this house. Ever since they moved in, my grandson will not sleep in his room. He has told me of a man that is there but isn't nice. I told him, 'When he comes around...tell him to leave - that you don't want him there.' I asked my daughter and she said that (the TV image) looks like the inside of her car. To the upper right of the picture, there is another ghost that looks like he is coming out of fire."

We receive reports, from time to time, about ghosts appearing on TVs that are either turned off or broken. With some, we are able to match television shows or commercials to the so-called ghosts. That said, there are TV ghosts we cannot explain. If this TV is broken, and we have to take Donna at her word, then we can rule out the ghost(s) as being a still from a television show or TV commercial. Please let us know if you recognize the image on the TV; but until then, this ghost picture will remain a mystery.

Does this picture show a TV ghost? You decide...