Nun Ghost Picture

This is an awe-inspiring ghost picture. Could a nun be standing on the grass, overlooking the water? And if so, is she a ghost? Photographed in Galway, Ireland on the Long Walk by Jonathan Curran, some are saying it shows a nun dressed in 1800s nun attire. Supposedly, the nun appeared in the one of 12 photos snapped around the same time.


One has to admit that the figure is quite odd, especially looking at the surroundings. The area is certainly known for its lore of ghosts haunting it, but was this specific spot home to a convent or church where nuns might have once frequented? We couldn't find the answer. What bothers us is that the legs appear post-like, as if a hoax. But, the eye-witness account of the event says otherwise.

Is this a photo of a nun wrapped in old attire? You decide...