Ghost Pictures of Children

Are child ghosts real? Some ghost pictures appear to denote that the ghosts of children do, in fact, exist.

Ghost pictures of children might be a great indicator that children can become ghosts. A ghost is simply a lost spirit, and children, unfortunately, can be lost. We know this from every day life.

These ghost pictures, listed below, could be evidence of ghosts of children who have visited people from different corners of our world.

Can Ghost Children Appear in Pictures?
Ghosts are spirits of disembodied people who are temporarily lost and in need of assistance. Think of them as spirits who might be sort of "off-track" in life for a season. We believe that sometimes cameras are able to somehow capture these spirits as different types of anomalies, such as apparitions, orbs, mists and shadows. Many times, the ghost photographs we see are of adults - even animals, occasionally. But, many wonder about children: can they, too, have a ghostly fate?

The photographs linked to from this page represent different examples of children captured in ghost photos. People from around the world, including paranormal investigators, have photographed boys, girls and even babies in-spirit. Some of these ghost photos are infamous, some new and some older images from our ghost picture archives.

People who are involved within certain religions can believe it to be impossible for ghosts to exist, and even more unlikely that a child could become a ghost. Their religious doctrines teach that when a person dies, they are either in heaven or hell, leaving no possibility for ghosts to have a place within their religious ideals and framework. And children? Well, they couldn't possibly be in a state of hell as they are "not at the age of accountability." One thing we have found over the years is this: Sometimes, how we attempt to make sense of our world just doesn't make sense. We set rules in our minds based upon beliefs; this does not allow for a change in our thinking to occur should it need to happen. If we, people, are able to remain more open-minded, it definitely allows us to more easily go with the flow, expecting unpredictability and change.

Therefore, we feel it necessary to educate people that ghosts of children do exist, as far as we know, based upon eye-witness accounts and possible photographic evidence. And if this is true, then, we need to learn to help them through spirit rescue. The spirit rescue of children is a simple way to identify and communicate with hurting child spirits who need guided home to loved ones.

Learn more about helping lost spirits: Helping Ghosts book.

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