Baby's Ghost Picture

Jania (mother of Melody Celestial) sent us this ghost picture of what she believes is her little daughter who crossed over. We know that spirits of loved ones are with us. Could this be Melody?

"I am e-mailing about a picture I thought was really mind blowing. My little girl passed away on January 11, 2006 due to an accidental asphyxiation. She was four months at the time. Later that April on the 2nd, my husband and I took a trip to New York, which we got many signs not to go. On our way there, I was taking some pictures of the road and trees and this is the picture I came upon. It is clearly my baby, because it does resemble her a lot. She is opening her mouth in the picture. I am sending the original picture, one that I drew the outline of the face, and a picture of her, so you may see how much the ghost baby looks like her."