Picture of a Small Boy Ghost

Deena Davis sent us this apparition of a small boy:

"I visited a family graveyard and was taking pictures of the headstones for reference on family history. There was only me and my friend there, and she took this picture (the last one on the roll) of me in front of the graveyard (even though this was a bad picture of me and I started to throw it out). Then, I saw in the picture what looks like a small boy with a black shirt...with the sleeves cut out...sitting Indian style, up against the fence. I circled the spot on the picture where he is sitting. I had taken pictures of every headstone in the cemetery, so I looked back through to see if there were any children buried there; and there was only one child buried there -- a boy, but it doesn't give his name. It only says, "Son of Mr.and Mrs.Robinson." I was left feeling very sad because he looks like he is waiting for someone."