Invisible Friend Ghost Picture

Our big fan from Alberta, Canada, Trish, sent us a ghost picture of what many have suspected exists and have told stories about for years: an invisible friend. It seems the invisible playmate, a little ghost girl, didn't quite get completely out of the picture, as you can see her see-through little foot and dress:

"I have had many experiences with the paranormal and have many pictures to prove. This one is the best.It was taken in my house (I have since moved, but have new friends here), at the time one of my daughter's was five and was playing with my digital camera. I was letting her snap shots of what ever she wanted. I never realized what she had captured until I downloaded. Then as you can clearly see, "someone" was running out of the room. My daughter and I were the only ones in the house. I had suspected for a long time I had a little girl in the house, because my older daughter has seen her before. I, at the time, had a day home and one of the children came upstairs and asked where the little girl went that was playing with her. She was the only child with me that day. I had other pictures also, that showed an old man's face and an older lady. I have since lost those, although they weren't as clear as this picture. I hope you post it so others can enjoy my little ghost girl as much as I have. This picture has stumped A LOT of non-believers!"

Update: Trish also sent us another interesting picture of light anomalies around her daughter: Angel Lights Picture