Real Ghost Photos: 2009-2010

Seriously give some thought to our 2009-2010 top ghost pictures - truly fantastic!

As part of our ghost study project, we have assembled another collection of what we consider to be real ghost photos that we acquired for analysis. These photos are plausible images, meaning they have credible stories of how they came to be and were scrutinized (we sought to remove any known fraudulent or erroneous photos).

Consider the following ghost sightings as possible testimonies to the truth of an eternal energy that is essentially hidden but permeating all that is - timeless.

More About Our Real Ghost Photos Study Project
Angels & Ghosts was born as an idea in 2003 from a desire to research ghosts and share the information. However, for us to do this, it would require a lot of private investigation and many years for us to build a caseload of paranormal data to substantiate theories we had been developing about ghosts and haunting. Don't get us wrong: We have done ghost investigation, but we used it to compliment our initial, out-of-field research.

In 2004, this website was fully launched with the idea of soliciting ghost sighting info from a mass audience. This way, we could work more quickly in building, changing or expounding upon our ghost theories. After 6 years of work, in 2010, the book, Helping Ghosts, was published to help truth seekers understand the mystery of ghosts from a lesser known perspective: Ghosts are people who remain behind for different reasons but can be helped by us. Since that time, Louis Charles has given many radio interviews even appearing on some TV, now and then, to recount this exciting story.

For years, Angels & Ghosts and its partners have conducted numerous experiments, especially to determine differences in photographic artifacts. Some of our results can be seen on our Fake Ghost Pictures page(s). Through explaining our findings and by providing examples of the faked and the false, we believe real ghost photos can be more readily recognized.

We did not stop there. Beginning back in 2011, our team also worked toward developing inexpensive full spectrum cameras that would be a better way to photograph ghosts; and, we wanted the cameras to be affordable for ghost investigators to be able to purchase them. And in 2013, we added a write-up on how to examine ghost photos to determine if they are real - or at least educate our visitors on how they can eliminate photographs that are bogus. This exciting page can be found, here: Ghosts We Think We See.

In the future, it is our plan to continue to partner with paranormal enthusiasts, providing more information and tools to our viewers.