Castillo de San Marcos Ghost Picture

Castillo de San Marcos is a fort in St. Augustine, Florida. The city itself is very old, being built by the Spanish in 1565. By 1695, the fort was completed after 23 years of construction. It is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Castillo de San Marcos is said to be very haunted by local residents. There were many executions that took place in its courtyard, and bodies are said to be buried in and around the fort.

Pirates posed a threat to the fort, and one pirate by the name of Andrew Ransom was captured nearby when his ship crashed. The photograph below was taken by a tourist, then given to Cal Colgan afterward. Cal and the photo appeared on an episode of Ghost Adventures. Some believe it is Andrew Ransom.

The man to the left is believed to be pirate Andrew Ransom. He was not seen by anyone when the photo was taken. The picture was given to Cal after the phantom man with high collar was discovered in the photograph.