Mental Hospital Ghost

Troy Wood of Utah Ghost Organization sent us two stunning ghost pictures taken within a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. The psychiatric ward sat just above where this ghost was captured in the hospital:


"The following is an image I captured at the old Fort Douglas Hospital in Salt Lake City. It looks like a person in a straight-jacket with a hood over it's head. There was an insane asylum on the top floor, and this was on the third floor below. The police kept responding to alarm drops, and when they entered the building, no one was inside. They would hear footsteps and voices. They contacted us for an investigation and this was what we found.

It was an infrared photo on my Sony still digital camera. As I opened the stairwell door to the floor, I sat my tripod and camera down. I saw movement at the end of the hall as I looked through the view finder and took three shots. I had this image in 2 of the 3 photos."

Is this the ghost that caused the disturbances in the hospital? If so, does his mental condition still keep him in bonds that no longer exist?