Saint Ghost Picture

Mascha Dovgun ( captured this amazing apparition of what might be a church Saint in this ghost picture. (Please only e-mail kind thoughts and ideas to Mascha.)

"This photo was taken at Cathedral de Santiago in Bilbao, Spain. I was on the holiday in Spain for a few days in July. I was walking in the city , bypassing many interesting buildings and then I noticed this very old church. I decided to go in and take a few photos. The weather was warm but that is normal for Spain. When I came back to my hotel, I decided to go through the photos. I was shocked and amazed by what I discovered. In the middle of the photo you can see an apparition of a saint (perhaps Saint James, to whom the church was dedicated to). You can clearly make out the the eyes, the mouth and the beard. The ghost is levitating."

Do you see the ghost?  What also is interesting is that the orb appeared near the center of the image.