Gettysburg Ghost Photograph

Tracey Burnett (Supernatural Investigators of Virginia) sent us this wonderful ghost photograph which was captured at Gettysburg:

"My husband and I traveled to Gettysburg, PA. last March, and spent the weekend at the Farnsworth House Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary. We decided to spend some time at the Cashtown Inn, which is not too far away, and have lunch there. When we arrived, it was an hour too early for the Inn to be open. I got our camera out, and started taking pictures of the outside of the Inn while we waited. At first glance, we didn't notice anything unusual about the photos, because we were taking them from across the road. When we downloaded them later onto our computer, I zoomed in on all the windows like I normally do and found this picture. It sure looks like a young soldier looking out at us from the top right window pane. What do you think? Cashtown Inn is reported to be haunted, and the episode featuring Cashtown on SciFi's Ghosthunters aired the Wednesday before we visited the Inn. The Inn was once used as a hospital during the Civil War, so I am not surprised to see this young man who looks to be only a teenager at best."

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To us, it appears to be a young soldier descending a staircase.  There is no staircase there, however.