Trail Camera Ghost Picture

Peter Kanellis of Discovery Paranormal and Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes gave us permission to post these incredible trail camera pictures of a ghost woman sitting at a desk. (A trail cam is normally used to take photographs of game animals in the dark. It autormatically takes pictures when tripped.)

"(These three photos) were taken by a trail camera just as the investigator (Peter Kanellis) was setting up...there had been reports of hearing tapping noises (at the desk area) like those made by a computer."

The first photo shows the woman ghost sitting and facing right. The second photo shows Peter in the frame and the female ghost vanishing. The third photo preceded the first two and did not show the ghost manifesting. The desk is against the wall, so it would be impossible for someone to sit where the ghost is sitting. In fact if you look closely at the first photograph, you will see the desk cuts the ghost in half!

4 & 5: Close-ups of the ghost pictures taken with the trail camera. In the first photo, the ghost's body is cut in half by the desk.

The second close-up picture reveals the ghost vanishing as Peter comes to the desk to set-up his audio recorder. The game camera captured it all unbeknownst to Peter and the ghost at the time!