Creepy Basement Ghost Picture

Donna Sherman of Wisconsin sent us this very intriguing ghost picture taken in a creepy basement:

"Well how do I start this very weird story? Well I guess from the beginning. I have to go to the basement to get supplies and every time I go down to the basement I am O.K. in certain areas. I get to an area that just gives me the creeps and I get goosebumps; and I just have a weird sensation through out my body of someone watching me, from within the room. I decided to do an experiment and I took my camera down to the basement and just took pictures of the whole area. When I got to the creepy, or spooky part of the basement, I just had a weird feeling that someone was there with me."

I am so scared to go to the basement alone, that I have a friend of mine go with me. He would follow me through the basement while I am taking pictures, and I was about to take one last picture of a doorway that freaks me out from the inside of the dark room. I was focusing on the doorway, when I backed up to get a better view. I felt like I ran into a box, or something and so I moved to one side; and it was still touching me. Then I moved to the other side, and 'Ed, what the hell am I backing into?' What am I backing into, or what is touching my back? Am I touching a box, or something?' Ed replied, 'What are you talking about? There is nothing behind you.'

I looked behind me to see what was touching my back, and there was absolutely nothing behind me. I said, 'Oh, Sh#@! Oh my God - Oh my God!' and I turned off my camera and ran back up stairs. But the weird part was the next morning when I decided to see what my camera had on it for pictures; and to see if there was anything that is not normal that shouldn't be in the photos. All of them were just fine - just pictures of junk in the basement, except the one picture that I first took of the doorway that leads into the spooky room that freaks me out every time I go down to the basement. I stood in the hall and took the picture of the doorway that leads into the spooky room, and there was something in that picture. When you first look at it, you really see nothing, until you start to zoom in. From what I can see, it is a young man about late teens, maybe 17 to 19 yrs old, just sitting there with his knees up and his arms across them and just has his head tilted just a bit and looking right at me as I was taking his picture. You can see his hair parted on the side, eyes, nose and the shape of his whole face.

To continue the story, I went to the basement a few more times, and I took my daughter. She has the senses like I do, as my mother did, and her mother before her. It runs in my family. Well I was starting to feel that maybe my friend, the young man, maybe moved on, or was just being quiet for a while. I decided to take my daughter with me, and see if maybe she could see or sense him, if I couldn't. Well we get to the spooky part of the basement, and I started talking to him like I always do when I am down there. I do this just to let him know that we are being friendly, and don't mean to invade his space. I told him that this is my daughter, Jenny, and she wanted to come down and see if he was here or not. I do not know his name, but my daughter says his name is Tom. She was standing right next to me, while I was talking to him. She said out loud to me, 'Mom. All I have to say is he better not touch me!' A few minutes later, all of a sudden she felt someone poking at her right arm, and she looked around, looked at me, and then she felt poking on the back of her right arm again. She turned to see what was touching her, and when she turned, all of a sudden she felt someone touch her on her left side by her waist. She started to scream, 'MOM!' It was weird; at the moment that she started to scream, she must have made him move away from her, because all of sudden as she was screaming I felt this weird sensation through out my body from head to toe of just tingling; like when your foot falls asleep or something. I felt it through out my whole body, from head to toe, and then all of sudden I felt as if I was in a tunnel. I could hear my daughter yelling at me, saying, 'Mom,' but she sounded like she was far away. Then I felt like I was going to pass out, and I became freezing cold from head to toe

Can a ghost, or spirit pass through you? Did he pass through me? I have been talking to the young man in the basement, leaving tape recorders down there to tape whatever noise or voices I may be able to pick up. I have asked him to do things, and he has been doing some of the things I have asked him to do. I asked him to say my name and he has said, 'Donna' on the tape. You can just hear him doing all kinds of stuff in the basement; moving and banging things, and he even whistled into the microphone of the tape recorder. I just wonder what in the world he is doing down there. Sometimes, you can hear him running around and going up and down the stairs, moving things, and knocking things over. Is he down there playing around, or looking for something? Not sure... It's cool to be able to hear these things that he is doing, and at the same time kind of creepy, too. I don't know what else to do, but I try to keep talking to him from time to time, trying not make him upset that I am ignoring him, or something.