Gettysburg Ghost Photo

Photographer Craig Rupp captured this infrared photo on Little Roundtop in Gettysburg. The man at left was not present and looks like a soldier in period dress. His account of the ghost picture is incredible:

"Shortly after this photo was taken, a group of us when back to try and re-create it, including respected Gettysburg author and historian Mark Nesbitt. What we discovered is now, the spot where the apparition is standing, is paved at least 3-4 feet, which means this apparition was standing on original ground. Test photos show that standing there today, your knees are actually above the rock.

This photo was shown on the Travel Channel's "Mysterious Journey's - Gettysburg. I heard, but can't confirm, that before it was aired someone sent this to an FBI lab to validate it's authenticity. This photo has seen it's share of scrutiny. People say it's photo-shopped, etc. I would never risk my credibility as a paranormal investigator over a faked photo. There will always be skeptics and they will have their own opinion no matter what.

I know there was no one in frame when I took this, and my spotter Don Francis knows no one was in frame and that's all that matters to me. I've taken 1000's of photos since and have come close only once. You have to have patience. The only thing that ever bothered me about this photo was the hat. I sent this photo to another Gettysburg historian without telling him what is was, and he told me that General Meade wore a hat like this. So yes, it was common back then. That was good enough for me."

1 & 2: The soldier in the middle of the photograph (one original, the other in black & white) is a statue. The one to the left is a ghost. Craig uses spotters to make sure nobody walks into frame during his technique called "Daytime Infrared Photography." This makes his capture a verifiable and incredible ghost picture!

More of the Story:
"The photo was taken using a technique which we call Daytime Infrared Photography. I like to use this as part of an investigation while waiting for darkness to fall.

The camera I used for this is a Sony A100, and the settings were 1"3 F5.6 ISO 1600. To do this technique you must use a tripod, have a 'spotter' or witness that can confirm no one was in frame, or have a video camera running behind you and of course it must be a bright sunny day. I take three consecutive pictures without moving the camera, that way when going through them you can easily spot something that is in one photo that isn't in another."

Paranormal investigator Craig Rupp can be contacted through Facebook. Craig is the rightful owner of this ghost photo, and it may only be used with his permission.